About Us




Franklin Pierce Youth First (FPYF) is a responsive, compassionate, and committed school-community partnership organization advocating for all of our community’s youth and families. FPYF seeks to build collaborative partnerships and culturally relevant services that empower families and youth for success, with special consideration for those who are disenfranchised or disconnected. A primary component of FPYF is the FPYF coalition, comprised of community members and organizations, committed to comparable goals and working together to meet the mission of FPYF.

Franklin Pierce Youth First uses the Strategic Prevention Framework to guide and support its efforts in substance abuse prevention. SPF utilizes an iterative, ongoing process including the consideration of many factors contributing to health.

Franklin Pierce Youth First focuses on prevention, working together to bring community resources and partnerships together to ensure youth have opportunities, support and every chance to succeed. FPYF’s prevention efforts span many risky behaviors including both substance abuse and youth violence. FPYF strives to make connections in the community that facilitate increased prevention, interventions and family support as well as local community connections and local resources.